Howart Compliance is a regtech and compliance consulting firm. Our focus is innovative solutions and our expertise lies within governance, risk management and compliance



Our philosophy

Our philosophy at Howart Compliance is that technology can greatly bring efficiency up and costs down into the modern compliance function. Howart Compliance is a regtech and Compliance Consulting firm. We assist our clients in preventing compliance violations, mitigating risks and complying with increasingly complex legislation.


Howart Compliance always provides competent advice which, depending on the client's current wishes and needs, is combined with the latest regtech solutions. It is our absolute goal that Howart Compliance always provides solutions that allow our clients to improve the efficiency of compliance, mitigate the risk of regulatory errors and violations, and at the same time reduce regulatory compliance costs. 

What is regtech?

Regtech is the abbreviation of "Regulatory Technology”. Specifically, regtech is technology that supports companies in their work to comply with regulatory frameworks and complex legislation to reduce the risks associated with, for example, money laundering (AML) and personal data (GDPR).


"Since the financial crisis in 2007/2008, operating costs associated with governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) have increased by over 60 % in the financial sector, and it is estimated that 15-20 % of all daily operating costs in banks are associated with GRC".


In an era of increased awareness of compliance, companies - especially in the financial sector - are forced to adapt to the increasingly complex regulatory environment. Today, prioritising resources and using available IT solutions, e.g. regtech, is crucial to reduce the pressure from an increasing regulatory workload, ensure high quality and mitigate the risk of manual errors. 


As part of our product range, we have developed, among other things, an e-learning solution that ensures that your employees can meet legal requirements for “adequate teaching” in, for example, the money laundering area. Read more about​ Howart University.


What we do


Howart Compliance works actively to optimise business processes for you, enabling you comply with new regulatory frameworks and comply with applicable legislation at all times.


We work to create agile, flexible solutions for you, ensuring that you get the most out of your resources without compromising the quality of your internal processes and control environment.


Our consultants are available to assist with customised tasks, where we adapt our scope to your needs - from individual engagements to complete outsourcing of governance, risk management and compliance related tasks.

Risk management

Risk and capital management is a demanding and complex discipline that requires expertise, dedicated effort and sufficient resources to implement business processes, comply with increasingly complex legislation and mitigate risks.


At Howart Compliance, we assist our clients in balancing between regulatory requirements and business considerations. We have an innovative approach to technological advances and intelligent solutions - both our consulting engagements and approach to regtech deliverables.


Compliance covers the discipline of complying with the applicable regulatory framework. At Howart Compliance, we help identify risks and potential weaknesses in your organisation, as well as keeping abreast of the latest legislation.


Therefore, based on many years of experience and solid industry insight, we can help you optimise your internal processes and controls, assist you in complying with documentation requirements, information requirements to public authorities as well as risk management and reporting in general.



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